Industrial Software Platform

Unit Performance Suite

Real-Time Optimization System for Refineries

The global Oil & Gas industry is constantly facing operational and market challenges. As the market shifts, the first step for a refinery is to review its current productivity software so they can react and implement new-age technology to optimize operation given the new market conditions and prepare itself to capture new opportunities in the future.

Refineries are increasingly relying on modeling technologies to construct a plant-wide picture to assess the economics of different operating scenarios. While traditional modeling solutions can only simulate individual process units or provide point solutions to solve a specific problem, refiners are looking for a comprehensive suite of real-time solutions that enable them to make informed decisions throughout the refinery, from crude feed to final product blending, in the daily operation.

Unit Performance Suite is designed to reduce operating costs and improve operating performance by packaging closed-loop, real-time plant information with measurement optimization. The foundation of Unit Performance Suite is SimSci ROMeo, our leading industry-proven optimization software that improves the ROI for refineries around the world.

Unit Performance Suite brings real-time actionable plant optimization diagnostics and delivers key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing Operations Managers and decision-makers to make informed decisions to maximize adoption and contribution of optimization.

Unit Performance Suite provides:

  • Advanced analytics: Identifies early indicators of potential issues affecting optimizer performance
  • Lean management: Enables organizations to monitor performance and adjust operations, leveraging workflow in real-time
  • A Smart plant: Relies on optimization technologies for business intelligence initiatives as the foundation for a “smart plant”

Features of Unit Performance Suite

  • Market leading: Optimization software with comprehensive reactor modeling technology to serve the unit and/or refinery-wide optimization requirements
  • First in the industry: Combined advanced graphical analytics and business process integration with unit performance monitoring and optimization capabilities
  • Scalable: Enables accelerated roll out to multi-unit and multi-site architectures
  • Easy: Simple to use and maintain, due to intuitive design and embedded workflow to drive required activities.
  • Operations Mobility: Enables workforce to monitor optimization in real time and make time-critical and data-driven decisions on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

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