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Industrial Software Platform
  • Schneider Electric solutions provide New Belgium Brewing the foundation of optimized operations, including manufacturing execution, enterprise integration, batch, quality, operations and performance management.

    Operations Management for Batch and Hybrid Process Industries

    Operations Managers and decision-makers require access to timely, accurate and relevant information to ensure peak performance and meet operations Key Performance Indicators. Schneider Electric Software solutions integrate with plant equipment and data sources to bring real-time condition and status information into your decision making process.  Manage the transformation of materials to gain the highest efficiencies while meeting regulatory and operations goals for profit, quality, uptime and yields.

    The Leader in Real-Time Operations Management

    Schneider Electric's Wonderware is the market leader in real-time Operations Management software. Wonderware software delivers significant cost reductions associated with designing, building, deploying and maintaining secure and standardized applications for manufacturing performance and operations. Schneider Electric's solutions enable companies to synchronize their production and industrial operations with business objectives, obtaining the speed and flexibility to attain sustained profitability.

    • Manufacturing Operations Management (MES)

      MES Solutions provide users with an “end-to-end” operations platform for excellence. Manufacturers can increase operational efficiencies, quality, compliance and performance.

    • Line Performance Suite

      Accelerated time-to-value, real-time visualization and analysis, connect to any device on the plant floor for automated data acquisition, the Line Performance Suite brings Overall Equipment Effectiveness in a turnkey solution. Enjoy rich performance reporting, enable standard operating practices with an application that is simple to configure and use.

    • Life Sciences Serialization Suite

      Speed to deployment is faster, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for pharmaceutical companies, with less substantial changes to the underlying manufacturing systems and business systems.

    • Recipe and Batch Management

      Manage recipes and batch execution more efficiently, switch between products faster and automate recipe execution for consistent quality and higher asset utilization. Speed up the new product introduction processes with control system agnostic recipe and batch management software which supports standardization across the business.

  • Success Stories | View All

    Amadori Group, GESCO Consorzio Cooperativo

    Amadori uses a Wonderware solution that enables compliance with government regulations and optimizes production cycle and energy management.

    Amalgamated Beverage Industries

    Amalgamated Beverage Industries implemented a new packaging line for its soft drink products based on Wonderware software to increase production to meet the annual summer demand.

    Beam Global Spirits and Wine

    Beam Global Spirits & Wine, maker of the Jim Beam brand, increases productivity and profitability by upgrading their Wonderware solution.

    F and N Dairies

    Wonderware software solutions are the backbone of F&N's manufacturing operations, ensuring product quality, streamlined production and overall customer satisfaction of its wide range of dairy products, including Carnation, Teapot and Bearbrand.

    New Belgium Brewing Co – MES Performance

    Wonderware MES Performance Software enables new Belgium Brewing Company to increase packaging production capacity, and decrease downtime by more than 50%

    Plascon Paints

    Plascon Paints upgrades production facility with new batch, HMI and processing software to successfully integrate various processes within its manufacturing operations.


    FlexFactory, from Massachusetts based Xcellerex, utilizes Wonderware software to create biotherapeutics and vaccines manufacturing solutions more efficiently.