Industrial Software Platform
  • Operations Management for Continuous Process Industries

    Operations Management for Continuous Process Industries

    Access to timely, accurate and relevant information is required in the process industries to ensure peak performance and meet operational requirements. Schneider Electric Software solutions for the process industries integrates with plant and process information to bring real-time data into the decision-making process. This creates the highest level of efficiency possible for plant asset and personnel alike.

    • RefineryWise Suite

      Schneider Electric’s RefineryWise Suite is a transformational business solution that drives consistent and pervasive collaboration to maximize operational excellence.

    • Unit Performance Suite

      The Unit Performance Suite is a scalable solution targeting the Oil & Gas industry, designed to provide a real-time optimization system for refineries.

    • Enterprise Pipeline Management Solutions

      Manage day-to-day activities of crude, refined products, gas and petrochemical pipelines to ensure your operations are safe and efficient.

    • Advanced Process Control

      Increase profitability by reducing variations in the process, enhancing your control scheme, thereby allowing for operating closer to the operational limits.

    • Operator Training Simulators

      Operator Training Simulators (OTS) give trainees the opportunity to learn how to react appropriately in a virtual simulated environment when a similar situation occurs in the actual plant.

    • ROMeo

      ROMeo Process Optimization provides real-time optimization for the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries. This industry-leading technology generates precise operating information that improves performance, allowing for increased profitability.

    • Ampla Manufacturing Operations Management

      Deliver real-time visibility of plant business information so you can improve competitiveness in global markets and maximize shareholder returns.