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Industrial Software Platform
  • Process Engineering


    Process Design, Simulation and Training

    Process engineering involves converting "raw materials" into valuable final products across a wide range of industries such as power, chemical, oil & gas, petrochemical, metals, mining & minerals. Process engineering frequently relies on simulation software to facilitate movement through the plant lifecycle from design to operations to optimization and back to revamping the process as external market conditions change. Schneider Electric simulation software helps any business gain valuable insight into their process so that they can make the decisions necessary to run the business in a timely manner.

    • Process Design

      Engineers can use process design tools to continually evaluate and improve processes, which can reduce overall risk and capital costs throughout the plant lifecycle. SimSci’s industrial software includes the process design tools necessary to think through important design concerns such as regulatory compliance, profitability and safety. The software provides process engineers with the ability to interface with other applications they commonly use.

    • Simulation and Training

      The simulation portfolio provides industrial software that control and field operators can rely on to perform engineering studies, check out their DCS, ESD/SIS in a safe environment to ensure plant operability, and perform startup scenarios without the risk of lost production. Schneider Electric’s simulation software also encompasses operator training simulators which provide a unique, one-of-a-kind training experience for many of the crew across the plant.