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  • Workforce Enablement Solutions - Schneider Electric Software
    Schneider Electric Workforce Enablement solutions empower personnel to be effective across a variety of industries.

    Workforce Enablement Solutions

    Schneider Electric Software Workforce Enablement solutions enable organizations to improve labor productivity using operational insight and automation. Integration with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft products enables workers to become productive sooner and requires fewer steps to access and store required information. 

    Schneider Electric's mobile components ensure that information is made available to the workforce on the device of choice and ensures best business practices are followed and data is collected accurately and efficiently. 

    Key Benefits of Workforce Enablement

    • Allow plants and facilities to operate more efficiently and profitably
    • Helps reduce costs associated with equipment maintenance
    • Enables companies to address workforce reductions and the increasingly complex nature of manufacturing and industrial processes 
    • Business Process Management (BPM)

      Schneider Electric's Business Process Management Solutions help organizations achieve operational agility by deploying process workflows to create, execute and optimize business processes. BPM solutions can be applied across the business.

    • Cloud

      Since 2012, Schneider Electric and Microsoft have partnered to bring cloud-based applications to the industrial automation market. Applications available and cloud-ready include smart device-enabled reporting via SmartGlance, Mobile Work Tasks for Wonderware Skelta BPM and Historian Online Edition for scalable, on-demand reporting.

    • Mobility

      Schneider Electric Mobility Software offers rich graphical displays and reporting on a mobile platform for on-demand decision making.

    • Workflow

      Enables collaboration, standardization and enforcement of processes and best practices through Wonderware Skelta BPM software.

    • Workforce Collaboration

      Sharing knowledge, data, processes and procedures to enable a more highly productive and performing workforce.

    • Workforce Decision Support

      Advanced analytics allow workforces to proactively make decisions, discover “what if” conditions and fine tune operations.