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Industrial Software Platform
  • Subscription Access gives you choice in how you purchase industrial software
    Subscription Access gives you choice in how you purchase industrial software

    Subscription Access

    Subscription Access offers simplicity, flexibility and comprehensive value so that you can easily acquire the Schneider Electric industrial software you need to drive your business. The subscription offering provides a first-of-its-kind “à la carte” approach that lets you to choose precisely the software applications you need. Simply choose the applications you need, selecting from our portfolio, followed by the number and type of clients required. The nature of Subscription Access provides you with the flexibility to add or change applications and scale as your needs change.

    Through the introduction of our subscription offering, Schneider Electric offers more licensing options with greater flexibility. Subscription Access is a way to purchase industrial, enterprise applications for a low initial upfront cost, letting you spread the cost across the entire term of your subscription as an operating expense. In addition, this subscription program offers access to unique capabilities not available through other licensing programs.

    Subscription Access Benefits:

    • Access precisely the Schneider Electric industrial software you need
    • Access greater financial flexibility and conserve cash
    • Access exclusive subscription features and inclusions
    • Access world-class technical support and free version upgrades

    • Access to Software Applications & Technology:

      • Access the world's best industrial software - deploy the full portfolio with a smaller initial cash outlay and realize immediate benefit
      • Get a custom-sized, very precise configuration ("pay for only what you need"), in terms of capacity and features and expand as your business needs evolve
    • Access to Greater Financial Flexibility:

      • Lower upfront costs help you get more software sooner, realizing value sooner
      • Maintain a leaner balance sheet by accessing Operating budgets (instead of Capital budgets)
      • Reallocate the cash saved in other areas of your business
    • Access to Tech Support and Services and Version Updates:

      • Get the level of support you need from Schneider Electric software experts and get answers from online self-help
      • Access an array of services available only through Customer FIRST (included with subscriptions)
      • Version upgrades allow you to get the latest features and updates during your subscription term

    • Customer Choice

      Whether you need to acquire perpetual or subscription licenses, we have a commercial model that is right for you.

    • Larger Scale, Lower Cost

      Get access to more advanced functionality right away. Larger scale, advanced applications are now in budgetary reach. Realize the benefits of a broader Schneider Electric software solution that you might have forgone due to budgetary constraints of a capital purchase.

    • Flexibility

      We recognize that your needs and priorities may change over time. Subscription Access allows you to add and change the composition of your subscription to meet these needs.