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Schneider Electric offers comprehensive, award-winning support and services to help customers protect and extend the value of their Schneider Electric Software products and solutions.

Customer FIRST Software Maintenance and Support Program

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The Customer FIRST Software Maintenance and Support Program is a flexible portfolio of services that help protect and extend the value of your Schneider Electric products and solutions across their entire lifecycle. A Customer FIRST Agreement establishes a formal service relationship with Schneider Electric. This enables access to the latest software upgrades for extending the value of your software investment and provides expert technical assistance, optional services and self-help tools to help you improve your operational effectiveness. Learn more about how Software Maintenance and Support is a competitive strategy that helps sustain and even improve operational performance.

Customer FIRST is the services portfolio for Avantis, Wonderware and SimSci software. Its tiered framework and optional elements allow you to tailor your support agreement to address your specific business requirements…and that means a better overall value.

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  • Customer FIRST for Avantis

    You purchased Avantis software to meet key business challenges like improving operational performance and maximizing asset reliability. Routine preventive maintenance and care of production assets translates into predictable operations costs and improved profitability.

    Your Avantis software is also an asset that needs care if you are to get the maximum return on your investment and the Customer FIRST for Avantis Program is designed to help you do just that.

    Customer FIRST for Avantis Program highlights include:

    • Valuable software upgrades so your application continues to evolve and meet the changing needs of your business
    • Access to exceptional technical support to help quickly resolve any problems and ensure your Avantis software is running at its highest level of performance
    • Ongoing operational support with designated resources to help you get the most from your Avantis software well beyond your go-live implementation 
    • Extensive user community and exclusive events to share valuable experience and best practices with other knowledgeable users.

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  • Customer FIRST for SimSci

    Our SimSci customers have very specific business objectives and responsibilities. Your business is tough enough with constantly changing needs, market conditions, operational situations, technologies and business factors. Troubleshooting technical issues is not something that helps you be successful in the market. 

    The Customer FIRST for SimSci Program is a cost-effective way to manage and mitigate these complexities. The Program provides a comprehensive umbrella of coverage and protection for your SimSci software solutions. It helps you save time, optimize operations, reduce downtime, meet regulatory requirements and operate safely…enabling you to be more competitive.

    A Customer FIRST for SimSci membership quickly pays for itself when you take advantage of its valuable elements: 

    • Continuous upgrades so your software evolves to meet your changing business needs
    • Sustaining maintenance services to protect your engineering investment by ensuring the Schneider Electric-developed solution is supported over its entire lifecycle
    • Access to exceptional technical support to help quickly resolve any issue and ensure your SimSci software is running at its highest level of performance
    • Individualized application support by a team with extensive experience supporting unique SimSci applications

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    • Customer FIRST for Wonderware

      Bringing an automation system online typically represents a significant investment. Factors include the cost of the system, plus extended planning, design, engineering, testing, commissioning and ongoing operations.

      It is critical that you get the maximum value from your Wonderware investment. The Customer FIRST for Wonderware Program helps you do just that. It offers technical support services and software maintenance structured across four base membership levels – Primary, Standard, Premium and Elite – and key optional services.

      Customer FIRST for Wonderware Program highlights include:

      • Software upgrades and maintenance, including full-version upgrades to keep your software current
      • Around-the-clock access to technical experts to minimize potential downtime
      • Direct access to Wonderware technical experts, which can mean convenient, centralized support for large multinational customers
      • Software Asset Manager, a new application that helps Wonderware customers efficiently track and update their software and licenses
      • Designated Global Technical Account Management Services to proactively counsel on best-practice implementation, expedite issue resolution and coordinate global support activity

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