Schneider Electric’s industrial software business and AVEVA have combined to create a new global leader in engineering and industrial software. For more details click here.
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Customer FIRST for Aquis and Termis
Schneider Electric offers comprehensive, award-winning support and services to help you protect and extend the value of your Aquis & Termis products and solutions.

Customer FIRST for
Aquis and Termis

Get Maximum Value from Your Assets with Schneider Electric Aquis and Termis Software, Services and Support

Your access to exceptional technical support helps quickly resolve problems and ensures your Aquis & Termis software runs at their highest levels of performance. Each program tier offers a range of benefits and entitlements.

Customer FIRST for Aquis and Termis

The Customer FIRST Program for Aquis and Termis software provides you with two service levels – Standard and Premium - and options that enable you to optimize, fine-tune or upgrade your system. Access Technical Support and services, software maintenance and utilities and additional benefits for Premium members such as Training, Consulting Services, Upgrade and Migration Planning, Application Support, and more.

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Customer FIRST for Aquis and Termis

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